Library and Town Yoga Programs

Yoga and Meditation by Lisa Arce

Yoga and Meditation by Lisa Arce

Yoga Programs for Kids

Little Gurus : For ages 5 and 6 (will accept a mature 4 or a young 7)

Young Yogis: For ages 7-9 (will accept a mature 6)

Tween Yoga Fundamentals: For ages 10-12 (mature 9s welcome)

Teen Yoga Flow: For ages 13-17

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: 60 minute sessions

Little Gurus and Young Yogis) are hour long classes with 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of a fun, easy, new age craft, such as making Tree of Life, peace signs, yoga mats, or games that emphasize concepts of peace, yoga, etc.

Teens n Tweens Yoga and Teen Yoga Flow are hour-long classes consisting of meditation, yoga flow, working on balance and proper alignment. These classes are more akin to adult classes, taking into account the adolescent physiology and psychology.

*Tween/Teen classes


Adding a craft to the yoga classes is a fun and meaningful addition to the girls' afternoon! Crafts are especially useful for the younger students, who may not be able to withstand a full hour of yoga. However, Lisa will customize the  event for any length of time available to the troop.

Here is a list of crafts that Lisa can bring to the yoga classes:

Create a child's altar/mediation space

Child's Meditation Cushion

Make a Peace Pole

Make a Yoga Wheel Game

Draw/Color/Assemble a: Lotus, Tree of Life, Peace Sign, Yin/Yang picture

Yoga Mobile (hanger with hanging Om, Yin/Yang, Peace Sign and Lotus

Plant Alfalfa Sprouts..yummy and fun


Musical Poses (like musical chairs but with yoga poses

Twister Yoga (like twister, but you spin for colors and yoga poses

Wind and the Tree Pose: Half the students are the trees and half are the wind...

Freeze Dance Yoga Style

Yogi Says

Many more choices...just ask!

Little Gurus and Young Yogis will enjoy a craft and/or game after each 30 minute yoga session

TEENS/TWEENS $75 per session
recommended # of sessions: 6-8

due to craft
fees…Lisa will work with each
library/town to create the perfect program
both creatively and financially!!!


Adult Yoga: 75 minute sessions:

Introduction to Yoga:We introduce the concepts of breath/movement synchronization (vinyasa), in a slower paced, informative class, designed to provide you with a strong foundation in the practice of yoga and explore different yogic traditions as well as provide physical, mental and emotional benefits

Align and Flow this class focuses on proper alignment for all the common poses, and then engages in a flow, based on proper alignment and breathwork. Both a vinyasa class and a workshop style class

Chakra Yoga this class focuses on one or two chakras per session. Participants will learn about the chakra and practice poses and exercises to bring balance and alignment to each chakra. Class includes handouts which discuss theories and psychology of each chakra.

Introduction to Meditation:

introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation with many reporting it to be a life-changing experience. Immerse yourself in the practice and theory of mindfulness meditation, as we cultivate the inner resources leading to inner calm, clarity, and wisdom.

ALL PROGRAMS RUN 6-8 WEEKS, (negotiable)
Instructor fee for each class: $75 ($450 for a 6 week session)