I have always been singing.  My earliest memories are as a toddler, trying to achieve vibrato to match my mother's voice as she washed dinner's dishes.  I feel so lucky to have been in high school with a very talented bunch of students and teachers, having exposed me to standards, jazz, musical theater, music theory... I blew off my senior prom for my first pro gig with the Chiclettes at an upstate concert venue. Having stepped into a regional professional show so early has taught me so much.  I enjoy being on stage, performing rock, r/b, standards, pop, and enjoy the interplay of the  energies that live music brings. I've been lucky enough to share the stage with so many talented musicians.  Co-writing original music with several talented musicians has also been a rich part of my journey as an artist/performer. My ambitions for the present and future are to continue making great music with all the rich talent out there, and to continue putting forth positive energy through my musical endeavors.

Yoga  found me in the early 2000‘s, as I was getting certified as a fitness instructor during a difficult period in my life. At that time I saw yoga only as an excellent physical exercise. Several years later I began to practice outside my home and visit studios, slowly getting the idea that there is a much much bigger picture with yoga, one that can truly help people become more mindful more calm and discover they are true inner selves thus leading more productive peaceful, positive and fulfilling lives. I decided to get certified in 2018 like most people, following a series of difficult events. The universe led me to Stacy Plaske and Michael Aronoff, the two teachers with whom I am barked on my 200 hour Certification.  The immeasurable amounts of love and learning, experiential enlightenment that I have found and continue to find with Stacy, Michael and all of the students have led me to wanting to share that love for yoga and for the lifestyle it produces. I didn’t think I wanted to teach yoga because I am a teacher of social studies, and have been for 25 years.  As much as I love it, going home from a six hour day to do more teaching didn’t seem to make an option. However, the urge to share this in the most humble way possible and use it with the creativity that comes to me musically, has become very strong. Thus, I continue to attempt to fulfill my Dharma,  and let life lead me where it will.