I have always been singing.  My earliest memories are as a toddler, trying to achieve vibrato to match my mother's voice as she washed dinner's dishes.  I feel so lucky to have been in high school with a very talented bunch of students and teachers, having exposed me to standards, jazz, musical theater, music theory... I blew off my senior prom for my first pro gig with the Chiclettes at an upstate concert venue. Having stepped into a regional professional show so early has taught me so much.  I enjoy being on stage, performing rock, r/b, standards, pop, and enjoy the interplay of the  energies that live music brings. I've been lucky enough to share the stage with so many talented musicians.  Co-writing original music with several talented musicians has also been a rich part of my journey as an artist/performer. My ambitions for the present and future are to continue making great music with all the rich talent out there, and to continue putting forth positive energy through my musical endeavors.