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DROP DEAD GORGEOUS is a five-piece ensemble fronted by Lisa and her daughter, Ava, with musical backing from world-class musicians Michael Ernst, Keith Ross, and John Martinez. More than just purveyors of live dance music, Lisa and the Commission delivers a unique and interactive live music experience.


The band’s repertoire effortlessly combines cover hits by artists like Lizzo, Madonna, Dua Lipa, Lady GaGa, Donna Summer, Portugal the Man, Myley Cyrus, Rhianna, Pink,  and Harry Styles, just to name a few,  with original tunes, all carrying empowering and inspirational messages.


"TRUTH, DARE AND CONFESSIONS" is a performance like no other. It involves active audience participation with affirmations, hula hoops, bubbles, and even the chance for audience members to showcase their unique talents on stage.


This show is a rallying call for people of all ages, urging them to dance freely and unapologetically. The central message is clear: tell your truth, dare to be different, and confess your perfect imperfections. The result is a dance party that leaves you feeling inspired, “shiny and empowered” to take on life.

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